• ZweiSolutions near the Poughkeepsie, NY Harbor

ZweiSolutions is a full service consulting firm specializing in business automation solutions -- particularly those which require knowledge or experience of complicated business processes and operations. It began as a single person technical consulting firm and has been expanding ever since. ZweiSolutions is a remote-first company however it is formally located in the Hudson Valley, NY in the USA. ZweiSolutions was founded and is run by Zweihänder.

From his early days working in Silicon Valley startups to his more recent exploits working with large teams in multi-national companies, Zweihänder has been delivering business automation solutions for more than a decade. One of the key value propositions Zwei brings to the table is the ability to approach problems from the business perspective (having spent a lot of time in that world) -- being able to throw the newest framework of the month at a problem without understanding what the business is trying to achieve ends up creating additional problems rather than solving what you started with. By figuring out the optimal end-goal and then bringing years of technical experience to the table to achieve it, Zwei is able to make sure every project you send ends up with a quantifiable increase in efficiency and profit.

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